Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chasing the Dragon

“The great dragon -- the ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, the one deceiving the whole world -- was thrown down to the earth with all his angels.” (Rev 12:9)

Imagine a Walled City, constructed within one square mile, populated by over 50,000 desperately hopeless souls. A city with no law other than gang rule; where drug addiction and prostitution dominate the dark corridors which snake through its tangled streets and alley ways. Open sewage runs along the curbs, while life-destroying heroin runs in the veins; sin is enthroned, and the Dragon reigns unchallenged.

But then a girl came to town. Filled with boundless hope, and carried forward by a childlike faith, she moved into this Walled City – not as a missionary, per se, but rather to simply be a Christian. Who ever thought of such a thing?

It’s now been forty years since she first walked into the darkness, and the Walled City no longer exists! That's right; it's gone. In fact, there is not even a trace that it ever existed. The site is now a beautiful park located in Kowloon, just across the harbor from Hong Kong Island. The girl’s name is Jackie Pullinger, and you can read her true story in the fascinating book, “Chasing the Dragon.” (Available on

The remarkable transformation of this forsaken place required a long and uncelebrated obedience, which was marked by an unrelenting resolve to love the unlovely, to help the helpless, and to touch the untouchable. It required the sort of faith that sees the invisible, and does the impossible. It required the power of the Holy Spirit, unleashed through the life of a willing person...any person.

What walls need to come down in your sphere of influence? What souls around you need the touch that only faith and love can bring? And are you the Christian your world is desperately looking for in these disturbing times?

There are so many hoping that you are.

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