Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Dangerous Prayer

“You took a risk trusting Me, and now you're healed and whole. Live well, live blessed!" (Luke 8:48 The Message)

As a young man in the first few furlongs of my lifelong journey with Jesus, a preacher taught me a prayer which I have never forgotten it. It is a prayer every person can pray -- indeed, a prayer every person must pray.

But, I must warn you….it is a dangerous prayer. It is simple, yet profound; specific, and yet comprehensive. It contains both a humble plea, as well as an audacious faith. This prayer is not likely to be prayed by people who are ambiguous about pleasing God, and it certainly would never find voice among those who are always concerned about pleasing man.

Nevertheless, it is a prayer that must be prayed.

But, it is dangerous. Dangerous because it is irreversible; it will most certainly be answered by God, even though at times you’ll wish you’d never prayed it. Once He hears this prayer rise from your heart, the inevitable answer is set in motion – and all future cries to the contrary will fall as duds to the floor.

OK. I’ve given you fair warning. You now proceed at your own risk. I must caution you, however, that merely reading this prayer can be misconstrued by God as you actually praying it. So if there is any measure of cowardice in you stop right now! Do not proceed!!

But for those who are faithful and courageous, and who hunger for God to use your life to make a difference in this world – here’s the dangerous prayer:

Lord Jesus, do in me anything you need to do, so that you can do through me everything you want to do. Amen.

Those who take this risk and trust Jesus with their lives, will find healing and wholeness over the course of their great adventure; they will live well, and be blessed in every way. And that, my friend, is worth taking the risk.

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