Monday, March 24, 2008

"Who's Your Daddy?"

"Lord," said Philip, "let us see the Father; that is all we want." (John 14:8. Moffatt NT)

In the ongoing human drama of Adam’s fallen race there is an undeniable, universal need for a Liberator – a knight in shining armor. This is why every culture throughout the history of mankind has its one great hero, its singular mighty champion; that gallant braveheart who steps forward as a deliverer; be he king, warrior, prophet, priest, or sage. And in all these lands -- both near and far away -- books have been written, stories told and poems penned in attempts to let us all know that he (or she) has arrived on the scene.

And in each scenario, when the time comes that such a one actually emerges in our midst we press in for a closer look to see if he is indeed the One. Even John the Baptist asked of Jesus, “Art thou He who is to come, or look we for another?”

It is undeniably true that we search for a Savior in every relationship, a Deliverer in every circumstance, a Hero in every battle, and a Braveheart in every epic quest for freedom. And in each case when we find what we seek, we discover – surprisingly -- an even deeper hunger that drives our lives ever onward, always upward. It is the hunger for a Father.

The un-penned script of the human experience is coded with this deep and irremovable desire; it is carved into our very being, and we will not rest until it be answered – “Show us the Father.”

Yes, the great heartache of humanity cries out continually for a Dad. One who loves us truly, disciplines us thoroughly, empowers us nobly, and secures us eternally. It is precisely at this point that Jesus of Nazareth distinguishes Himself from all others who lay claim to the throne of our affections. “He that has seen Me,” He said, “has seen the Father.”

What does this mean, really?

Simply, and profoundly this -- that everything Jesus said and did was a revelation, not of Himself, but of the Father. It you truly want to know what God the Father is like -- look at Jesus, for He is "the express image of His person, the exact representation of His nature" (Hebrews 1:3).

The Daddy you need, and have been looking for all your life, can be found in Jesus.

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