Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Lady Crying in the Streets

Wisdom cries aloud in the street, she raises her voice in the markets" (Proverbs 1:20).

Once upon another time, not too long ago, yet different from the other once upon a time I told you about before, I was in a very large city not too far away. And there I saw a lady who was stunning in every way. She was beautiful, but not seductive; glamorous, but not vain; mysterious, but not deceptive. Her’s was a beauty born out of virtue, and blossomed by a life fully devoted to truth and filled with unconditional love. She was, to be sure, the epitome of a fair lady, the quintessential maiden of any king’s court. Yet, the strangest thing was this -- for all her beauty, there she was crying in the streets.

Now, I had become so captivated by her overall radiance, that at first I had not realized at all her great sorrow. I looked around to see why no one was responding to her tears – and that was when I became even more stunned. For every face I saw was etched with grotesque and distorted expression.

All the other women who filled the streets, each and every one, were total scabs. They looked like fairy tale witches cackling over their toxic brew. And the men were complete toads, belching and farting in an olympic effort to outdo one another, and desperately in need for the kiss of a fair maiden to restore them to their princely estates -- assuming they even had a princely estate in the first place. Yet, despite their pitiful plight, they continued carefree in their retarded condition, having no desire for change.

The city was populated by the ugliest and vilest people I have ever seen. But as long as the wine was flowing, and the music was playing, and the bodies were jiggling, and the pills were popping -- nobody wanted anything to change. They loved everything just the way it was.

Everything, that is, except the lady crying in the streets. She was a real nuisance. Her name was Wisdom. And none cared to hear what she had to say.


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