Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Call of the King

"He called ten of His servants." (Luke 19:13)

Have you ever been in a place where the phone kept ringing and nobody answered it? In moments like that it seems everybody is busy with something else, assuming that somebody else will answer the call. But nobody does. After awhile it can get to be quite annoying. There is something irritating about an incessant, unanswered call.

Over the years I have noticed a similar thing in the lives of many people — a call that is not being answered. A call from God. Busy with so many other things, and sure that the call is for someone else, many men loose themselves in trivial moments and miss the momentous opportunity to answer the call of God on their lives. Have you answered the call?

Missing out on God’s call for your life would be the worst thing that could happen. Research shows that one of the greatest fears men face is having lived a meaningless life; a life that didn’t matter; a life that made no difference. This dreadful thought haunts even the most accomplished of individuals. Maybe it haunts you even now.

Os Guinness wrote, “Our passion is to know that we are fulfilling the purpose for which we are on earth. All other standards of success—wealth, power, position, knowledge, and friendships—all grow tiny and hollow if we do not satisfy this deeper longing.”

Each of us long to know that our lives counted; that we accomplished what we were put on this earth to do. Yet, in an odd contradiction, nothing is more common than unrealized potential. Most of us settle for far less than we are capable of being, and of doing. On the one hand we want our lives to count; on the other hand, we seem far too willing to become marginalized into mediocrity.

Our only hope is to answer the call of God upon our lives.

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