Saturday, July 26, 2008

Making the Most of Every Opportunity

"...and make the most of every opportunity." (Colossians 4:5, New Living Translation)

A General and his chief aide, a handsome young Lieutenant, were traveling across the US on a civilian train. Sharing their compartment was a lovely young lady and her elderly grandmother.

At one point during the trip the train entered a long dark tunnel. Everyone was silent as the train sped through the darkness. Then two distinct sounds were heard The first was a long romantic kiss, and the second was a loud resounding slap.

When the train exited the tunnel into daylight, the four passengers each had a different idea about what had just occurred.

The young lady thought, “How nice of that handsome young Lieutenant to kiss me, but why would my grandmother slap him?”

The grandmother thought, “How dare that young man kiss my granddaughter; but how proud I am that she slapped him!”

The General thought, “That was a bold move the young Lieutenant made in kissing that lovely young lady, but why did she slap me?”

The Lieutenant thought, “My, oh, my! What a day! First, I kissed a lovely young lady, then I slapped my General -- and I got away with doing both!”

Now that's what I'd call "making the most of every opportunity!"


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