Sunday, July 13, 2008

When He that is Good Gets Blamed for the Bad

"But his citizens hated him, and sent a message after him, saying, 'We will not have this man to reign over us.'" (Luke 19:14)

In the Parable of the Talents, Jesus tells us about a Nobleman of impeccable character, grand generosity, expanding estate, and international renown. A man among men, who exemplifies in the finest sense of every word the enormous potential of vision, passion, discipline and risk. Yet, this man is hated by his citizens. Why?

This has always intrigued me, for there is no apparent reason for their insolence and revolt -- especially when we consider that this parable is about the Lord Jesus. What has He done that would justify anybody hating Him? Nothing.

But notice this, the text says that the citizens "sent a message after him." In other words, while he was away to receive his kingdom, the citizens sent someone to tell him not to bother coming back. Who would deliver such a message? Obviously, only one person would have the audacity to carry this message. It was the person who had stirred the citizens up in the first place!

It had to be someone who was known as having access to the Royal Courts; a prince of some sort or another, who had acted scandalously in the King's name, blaming the King for things that were being done against the people, and thus filling the people's hearts with venom against their Lord.

Enter the Prince of Darkness. Working behind the scenes, he is forever flooding men's hearts and minds with lies about God and causing them to want nothing to do with Him.

It is the devil’s chief design to have men blame God for things that happen in the course of life that don’t seem fair, or right, or good. A child is killed by a crazed predator, or dies of some dreadful disease—and God gets blamed. Someone’s life savings are lost in an economic collapse—and God gets blamed. Our favorite sports team loses the championship game—and God gets blamed. And on it goes from the awful to the absurd…covering all points in between.

Such is the case in this story of the Nobleman. He that is good gets blamed for the bad. But don't fall for the devil's lies -- for the Nobleman will return one day and set the record straight. Don't be with that gathering who stand in rebellion to His Lordship.

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