Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Why Should He Love Me So?

“Jesus, having loved His own who were in the world, He loved them to the end.” (John 13:1).

I shall never forget the emotion I felt when I first heard my dad sing in church one day the old hymn, “Why Should He Love Me So?” Coming from the heart of a man who so deeply felt his failure in life, and who had such overwhelming regrets as a father -- dad’s rapture in God’s love was both profoundly gratifying and enigmatically bewildering. “God loves me!” he would say, “but, why?!”

No hound dog ever sounded so mournful as did my dad when he tilted back his ancient head and belted out with deep-toned marine gusto, “Why Should He Love Me So.” It was nothing any producer would ever push to the media, but I know that when dad sang it, it went straight to the heart of God.

Dad’s in heaven now. He no doubt has joined the celestial choir of all who have banded together to proclaim their marvel of our Savior’s love. I also have no doubt that he likely steps forward from time to lead out in a favorite solo -- “Why Should He Love Me So.”

I can tell you that sometimes, when no one is looking, I’ll stand in the church, toss back my head and croon in fond memory of dad’s devotion to Christ -- “Why Should He Love Me So?” Though I am alone when I do this, at times it almost sounds like a duet.

Have you ever wondered, Why should He love you so? If one views God only as being immense, then it is not likely such a one would ever consider how much God loves them. Immensity makes God too big, too austere, too preoccupied with the universe to ever give any serious thought to someone who is so comparatively insignificant.

But, God is not immense -- He is infinite. There is a marvelous difference. F.W. Boreham wrote of “the essential difference between immensity and infinity. The former has limits,” he said, “while the latter has none.”

Because God is infinite -- He is unlimited! He can fill the universe with His presence, and yet give full regard to the humblest of people. Even so as to number the very hairs on our heads! But, why should He love me so?

The answer is -- He can do nothing else! Years ago Miles Stanford wrote, “God’s love functions according to the quality of its nature, not according to the quality of that toward which it is directed.”

So, why should He love me so? He is God -- that’s why.


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