Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Give 'em Heaven!"

"Let your enemies bring out the best in you, not the worst." (Matthew 5:44, The Message).

Jesus always had a way of putting things that turned things around. Today's verse is but one of many examples. The natural and understandable thing for us to do when confronting an enemy is to fight fire with fire. But in so doing we actually become the same as our enemy.

This was the dilemma confronting Batman when he held the Joker dangling on a rope at death's door. All Batman had to do was drop him -- and the evil would end. Or would it?

Letting go of the rope would surely put an end to the Joker, but it would also put an end to Batman -- for it would have been the worst for him...not the best.

Maybe you have a few jokers in your life -- at home, on the job, in the church, on the team, in your class, or in your circle of friends. When their cackles send shivers up your spine, and their mockery stirs your blood -- turn your eyes upon Jesus.

Ask Him to fill you with His spirit, and to make Himself known in you and through you during those stressful moments. Let your enemies bring out the best in you, by showing them Jesus instead of yourself.

In other words, give 'em Heaven -- when what you really want to do is give 'em Hell.


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