Monday, August 04, 2008

The Last Word About the Wicked Man

"You wicked servant." (Luke 19:22).

What was it that moved Jesus to label this particular fellow a wicked servant? It would do us well to find out, so as to make sure He doesn't do the same to us.

The Greek word used in the original text means malignant -- evil in nature, influence, or effect. It's the word we use to describe cancer. Thus, a wicked man is one who effects others in an injurious way; a malcontent who causes deterioration in the lives of others; a man or woman who contaminates others with the destructive power of death. Its the kind of person who brightens up a room by leaving!

A wicked man creates in his environment that which he carries within his own soul. He is a man or woman who is laborious, in that they are hard to deal with; like a person who always sees what's wrong with something, rather than what's right; a person who is always complaining, always working at tearing things down, rather than bulding them up; always stirring up strife and discord.

A wicked man is a person who causes sorrow, pain, grief, and trouble. A wicked man or woman is one who works malicious mischief everywhere they go; someone whose influence is malevolent -- filled with vicious ill-will, spite, or hatred -- especially against Christ.

And, while we each know someone somewhere who falls into this category -- the most astonishing of all is that this person is often found sitting in the church pew on Sunday morning! Someone said, "Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more that sitting in a garage makes you a car."

When the Lord taught us to pray "deliver us from evil" -- this is the very same word He used when He called the servant wicked. So, make this your prayer today -- "Lord, save me from being a wicked person! Remove from me anything that would be evil in its nature, its influence, or its effect upon other. Keep me from being cancerous, by making me a blessing to you and to others in all things, and at all times."

May the Lord use you to fill your world with His presence!

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