Sunday, September 14, 2008

Five Lessons for Dreamers (Part 1)

"Now Joseph had a dream." (Genesis 37:5)

Looking back upon the story of Joseph the dreamer, and seeing how God exalted him in the land of Egypt and blessed him with favor and great success -- a pattern emerges, providing us today with guidelines we may follow into our own place of blessing and honor.

Here are five lessons for Dreamers from the life of Joseph:

Lesson #1 -- Receive God’s promise with childlike faith (see Genesis 37:5-10). Though Joseph showed immaturity in how he told his brothers about his dreams, he nevertheless demonstrated a most commendable childlikeness is how he received the dreams from the Lord. He did not questions then, nor debate them. He took them as true, and believed them without doubt.

Many of our difficulties come when we complicate the things of God with our own thoughts, ideas, opinions and views.

Or we dismiss the great things which God has in store for us by listening to the voices that accuse of us of being vain and ambitious. Though God would make us great, we belittle ourselves when we side with that which is not true.

The first lesson for all dreamers is that you must receive God's promise with childlike faith. So, go to bed; sleep well; dream large -- and wake up in the morning as a kid again.


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