Thursday, October 02, 2008

Slip Slidin' Away?

"Don't slip back into your old ways of living to satisfy your own desires." (1 Peter 1:14, The Message).

Have you ever noticed that things never drift upstream? The flow of the current always takes things down. That's also true of how the world works. If you go along with the flow, and never purposefully live a counter-culture life -- you will slip slide away.

In all the history of the world there has ever only been one exception to this law of nature. It happened during the recent Hurricane that hammered Galveston.

A young reporter eager to be the first with some new angle on the breaking news story, got caught in the middle of the torrential downpour. The rain fell so hard and the waters rose so fast, that people only had time to scurry to their rooftops.

The young reporter was on a roof with a neighbor lady, watching the powerful waters sweep things past them. There were cows, and cars, and clumps of assorted shrubs whisking by, when the reporter spotted a crisp, clean white Stetson cowboy hat moving along in the current.

He watched in amazement as the hat suddenly stopped, turn 180 degrees and started moving back against the tide. Then, it stopped again, turned around and flowed with the water back downstream. And, yet once more it stopped, turned back around and started going against the flow of water.The young reporter grabbed his pen a notepad and said, "That's a miracle! I'm going to write a story about the miracle of the floating Stetson!"

"That's no miracle," the woman sitting next to him on the roof replied, "that's my husband Cecil. He said he was gonna mow that lawn come hell or high water!"

Maybe we need a whole company of men and women named Cecil and Cecilia -- who will do what needs to be done come hell or high water. Men and women who will live out their faith in the face of an ever-increasing flood of faithlessness.

Can we count on you?


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