Monday, January 05, 2009

The Faithful God (Part 2)

“They did eat of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year.” (Joshua 5:12).

Joshua was born a captive in Egypt, and as a young boy watched with wonder as God parted the Red Sea and made a way in the wilderness. He was with Moses as a young man throughout the wilderness wanderings, all the while being groomed by God for his future assignment.

Perhaps, as He did with Joshua, even now the Lord is grooming you for some future mission.

It was Joshua who led the spies into the Promised Land and saw for himself what others only dreamed about. He alone, with Caleb, argued the case for Faith when all others caved in to doubt, fear, and unbelief. And it was Joshua, the man of faith, whom God anointed to lead the children of Israel into Canaan to experience the fulfillment of promises made by the Faithful God.

These recollections serve as a great encouragement to us today as we face a similar opportunities for making progress in the things of God. Just as the Lord rescued His people from Egyptian bondage, so He has marked us by His love and redeemed us unto Himself out of the fallen and faulted world system, wherein we were held captive under the heavy hand of task-masters who drove us with whip and stick in the lustful pursuit of power, sex, and money.

Our lives were marred by corruption, stained with shame, and marked for death. But God, who is rich in mercy and unfailing in His faithfulness, redeemed us!

And now the Faithful God stands before us, and beckons us to follow Him onward and He takes us inward that we might go upward.

The challenges are not over, nor are the changes complete, but our hearts are lifted with a sense of imminent breakthroughs; things oft dreamed about, and long-awaited, seem to be so very close at hand. The smell of rain is in the air.

Come, friend, take heart and renew your trust in the Faithful God. For it will be said of us as it was of our predecessors -- "They did eat of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year” (Jos.5:12).

From Egyptian bondage, through desert dryness and testing, to a land that flowed with milk and honey -- the Faithful God has ever been there for us, as He was with them.


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