Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Famine of Catastrophic Consequence

"Oh yes, Judgment Day is coming!" These are the words of my Master GOD. "I'll send a famine through the whole country. It won't be food or water that's lacking, but my Word. People will drift from one end of the country to the other, roam to the north, wander to the east. They'll go anywhere, listen to anyone, hoping to hear God’s Word--but they won't hear it. (Amos 8:11-12).

It's not like there isn't any preaching going on -- the pulpits are full every week, and the airwaves are saturated with Brother and Sister So-and-So. Television, Radio, Internet, Podcasts, and every other form of mass communication conceivable is loaded like a pickup in Pakistan with hawkers of holiness in one form or another.

But where exactly in all of this is The Word of The Lord?

There are speakers galore, but what is the LORD saying? The Psalmist wondered the same in his day, “There's not a sign or symbol of God in sight, nor anyone to speak in his name, no one who knows what's going on." (Psalm 74:9).

By the way, have you noticed the conspicuous absence of the Bible in most of our church meetings? Not only there, but also in most of our seminars and conferences, and in our revival meetings? It would seem that the Bible is no longer the cherished Book.

In our fast-track world we have shifted to power-point snippets of scripture, and story-telling instead of preaching the Word. Running to and fro, here and there, looking earnestly for that next Big Buzz -- anything with a hint of something sensational to touch our lifeless souls.

We need a word from the Lord, for where the Word of a King is there is power. Not pretend power; not hype-power; not fame-grabbing, money-making power; not shouting-at-the-devil power -- but real power.

The kind of spiritual and moral power that converts, corrects, confronts, cleanses, and needs no commercials to spread its influence.

In a day of famine, we need a word from God.


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