Friday, January 16, 2009

The Never-ending Chase for Never Enough

"I will build me bigger barns." (Luke 12:18).

Yesterday we looked at the man with no name - a rich, young ruler who had it all -- but was still not satisfied. Today we look at another rich man, who is given the name, "Fool."

Faced with the dilemma of discovering that his riches were not enough to satisfy the deeper longings of his heart, he opted for building even bigger barns and increasing his stock and store. He wrongfully imagined that more would be enough to satisfy the ache in his soul.

He was wrong.

Jesus made it clear that one can accumulate great wealth in this world and still be a miserable wretch. The solution is to become, in the words of Jesus, "rich toward God."

Centuries earlier Solomon said, "I have see a great evil under the sun -- wealth hoarded to the harm of its owner" (Ecclesiastes 5:13). By gathering, and gathering, and gathering more a man will come to ruin in the things that matter most. Ultimately he will become possessed by his possessions.

But this is the best the world can teach us. "Get all you can! Can all you get! And then sit on the can!"

The Lord's way is not in gathering, but in giving.

Become a giver, rather than a collector; one who lays up treasure in heaven. That is the ultimate investment, and it pays eternal returns.

You can do it the world's way: GET, and get caught up in the never-ending chase for never enough. Or, you can do it God's way: GIVE, and find that there is no end to the measure of your peace and blessings!

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