Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Emphasize Exercise

"Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you." (1 Peter 5:7).

Yesterday we saw that sometimes you just need to hurl -- to unload upon the Lord the full weight of all that burdens you, and then find rest from your troubles in His strong and loving embrace. You can do this because, as Peter tells us, "He cares for you."

Let's look at the word he uses for "care." It literally means "the distractions created by fear, worry, anxiety and dread; distractions that pull us in several directions at the same time."

Take all these things -- fear, worry, anxiety, and dread -- bundle them together and throw them upon God; and keep throwing them over and over until they finally leave your hands and rest solidly upon His shoulders. Otherwise they will pull you apart; tear you to pieces!

And here is the singular truth that makes it all happen -- "He cares for you!"

Several years ago I discocvered a wonderful technique I call "the emphasize exercise." It works like this: I take a verse of scripture and read it over several times, emphasing only one word in the verse each time I read it; repeating the process until I have emphasized every word in the verse. The insights that open up are truly delightful. Let me take this phrase -- "He cares for you" -- and show you what I mean.

"HE cares for you." -- This is Almighty God we are talking about here; not some junior angel whose been handed your case. No, God Himself, the King of Glory, the Lord of Host, the Alpha and Omega; He who sustains all things by the word of His power; the Omnipotent God -- your Heavenly Father. HE cares for you."

He CARES for you." -- He is affectionate in His regard for your estate. He holds you in His heart, and looks with kind intentions upon your life, and good will toward your soul and well-being. He CARES!"

He cares FOR you." -- He is not passive, but active. He's not thinking about doing it when He gets around to it -- He's on top of it right now! He has already stepped in on your behalf and undertaken the cause of blessing you in bouldless ways. And He is doing it FOR you; so you don't have to try and do it for yourself!"

He cares for YOU!" -- Yeah, that's right -- YOU! Sure, He cares for all the saints and great champions of yore; and for all those who are serving Him mightily in today's world -- the spiritual news-makers and world-shakers, devil-busters, kingdom-builders, and soul-savers. But you're not overlooked in all this. NO! A thousand times NO! "He cares for YOU!"

Now, to put the cheery on the top, go ahead and say it all together -- emphasizing all the words: "HE CARES FOR YOU!!"

You can really drive it home by making it personal, and repeating this process until the burden has lifted: "YOU CARE FOR ME!!!"

(Tomorrow I will show you WHY it is imperative that we do this).


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