Saturday, March 14, 2009

A More Abundant Life

"I’ve come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly" (John 10:10).

Our Parents blew it. I’m not talking about Mom and Dad; I’m talking about Adam and Eve. The choice they made so long ago was more than disastrous; it brought ruin to our Family.

God set before them a choice between the Tree of Life, and the Tree of Knowledge. They chose Knowledge. To be more specific, they choose the Knowledge of Good and Evil. In other words, they opted for the power of self-determination between what is good and what is evil; between right and wrong; between true and false; between just and unjust; between life and death.

That singular choice resulted in a viral contamination of the Human Family which has spread to global measure. Now we live live on a planet that is ruled by the opinions of opposing views. Thus we war, and kill; murder and maim; destroy and deconstruct all by the self-determination of what we ourselves think is good and evil.

Adam’s Fall brought about Abel’s murder, and Cain’s curse. And now the dark force of that selfish act has reached such tangled depths that we CANNOT recover from its snare – not by ourselves. We NEED a Savior.

Jesus is the One we are looking for. He came that we might have LIFE, and the Life He gives is abundant. for it empowers us to live above the common experience of our fallen state.

He restores us to our high calling of being men and women who live, not by our limited opinions of right and wrong, but by the Word of God which is true and life-giving. We can live by faith, instead of fear. We can live in hope, in love, and in peace by trusting in Him to do what He has promised.

He will forgive our sin, heal our brokenness, lift our spirits, and redeem our lives to a more noble and generous way of being, thinking, living and doing.

Now that is something worth having, and sharing with others!


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