Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Come and See

“And Jesus said unto them, ‘Come and see.’” (John 1:39).

The disciples who had heard John speak and then followed Jesus, were surprisingly faced with a question put to them by the Lord Himself – “What do you want?” They simply replied, “Master, where do you live; where are you staying?”

Jesus answered them, “Come and see.”

Notice that He did not give directions. “Yeah, well, you go four blocks down Seekers Road until you come to The Way of Truth. Turn right and follow it to Conviction Blvd, and then turn right on Repentance Road. There you will come upon a light, a very bright light at the corner of Repentance and Revelation. Turn right on Revelation and then follow it as it turns into Conversion Street. Tarry awhile on Conversion until you come to Pentecost Avenue, and right after that cruise on down Hallelujah Highway to a City called Glory. I’ll be waiting to see you there.”

No, He didn’t say that. He simply said, “Come and see.”

True Christianity is about following a Friend, not a set of directions. The Destination is but the result of a Journey that we take together.

“Come and see.”


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