Monday, August 31, 2009

Yawning Our Way to Our Journey's End?

"If you knew that I was after the best, then why did you do less than the least?" (Matthew 25:26, The Message).

Sooner or later we each will have to face the moment of truth -- when our lives are measured in the light of eternity. There is an abiding reality within the depths of our souls that stirs us to pursue that which is good and true, that which is virtuous and noble. By divine instinct we shun death, disease, and destruction -- for we were not made for these things.

And though this fallen world is marred with the ever-encroaching presence of evil, our hearts are up-linked to more heavenly pursuits. We were not made for failure, but success. We were not designed to malfunction, but to excel. We are not at ease settling for that which we know is less than our best. But, then, why do so many seem so ready to surrender to mediocrity?

Maybe we've lost our vision -- our view of nobler things. Maybe our leaders have failed us, and thereby granted us license to sell our own selves short. Or maybe the friends with which we converse have inadvertently coaxed us into joining them in living a somewhat diminished life. After all, one of the easiest things in life to do is go along with the crowd.

Maybe we've become content to yawn our way to our journey's end.

Still, this doesn't change the sobering reality that one day we will stand in the Presence of Love Himself to answer for the loveless choices we have made along the way. "If you knew that I was after the best, then why did you do less than the least?"

Perhaps you are not in a place where you can give your best just yet -- but can't you at least do more than the least? It's a place to start.

And after all is said and done, you might end up not only surprising yourself with just how far and how high you go -- but, who knows, along the way you just also inspire the rest of us snozzing lugs.

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