Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Five Lessons for Dreamers (Part 3)

"Now Joseph had a dream." (Genesis 37:5)

Looking back upon the story of Joseph the dreamer, and seeing how God exalted him in the land of Egypt and blessed him with favor and great success -- a pattern emerges, providing us today with guidelines we may follow into our own place of blessing and honor.

Here are five lessons for Dreamers from the life of Joseph:

Lesson #3 -- Stand with integrity in trials and temptations (Genesis 39:9). Sooner or later SEX is going to be an issue. It always is -- because the devil has won so many, many hard fought battles with this one thing. Yeah, money and power are tied in second place -- but SEX is his weapon of choice.

Dreamers must stand guard against any attempt by the devil to seduce you into the snare of money, the snare of power, and the snare of sex. For Money will corrupt your motives, and you'll soon be nothing more than a soothsayer -- prophesying for the highest purse.

Power will swell your head and diminish your capacity for dreaming what is true. Vanity will always beget vain imaginations -- and thereby flush the truth out as trash. And Sex will possess your powers of reason as it weakens your will and your knees -- rendering you apathetic and indifferent to the things of God.

The third lesson we learn from Joseph is that we must stand with integrity in the face of trials and temptations.

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