Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Five Lessons for Dreamers (Part 4)

"Now Joseph had a dream." (Genesis 37:5)

Looking back upon the story of Joseph the dreamer, and seeing how God exalted him in the land of Egypt and blessed him with favor and great success -- a pattern emerges, providing us today with guidelines we may follow into our own place of blessing and honor.

Here are five lessons for Dreamers from the life of Joseph:

Lesson #4 -- Walk in humility before God and man (Gen.41:14-57). Considering all that Joseph had been though, and noting carefully the extreme unfairness of it all -- one could hardly blame him for being a bitter and vindictive man. But that's not what we find. We find him to be humble and gracious.

Listen to his own words when he is brought before the Mighty Pharaoh, whose dreams have left him bewildered. "Your Majesty," Joseph answered, "I can't do it myself, but God can give a good meaning to your dreams." (Gen 41:16).

I doubt many of the obnoxious Bible-thumpers of today would fare so well in Pharaoh's presence. They might be more apt to wag their finger in his face, demanding that he repent.....and start tithing.

Joseph, like Jesus (whom he foreshadowed) left us an example of the more excellent way. He walked in humility before God and man, giving honor to whom honor was due; and always pointing others to the one, true source for all our needs -- the Lord Himself.

O Dreamer -- go thou and do likewise!


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