Monday, January 26, 2009

What Can God Do in Ten Days?

"Prove thy servants, I beseech thee, ten days; and let them give us pulse to eat, and water to drink." (Daniel 1:12).

Ten days. That's just shy of two weeks.

What if you had ten days to prep for a major test; would you ace it? Of course you would -- especially if you used the prior ten days to really get ready.

But, if on the other hand, you took the ten days not as a time of preparation, but as a time of reprieve, then the test would come suddenly upon you and -- to your shame -- you would fail.

In the matter of Daniel and his friends, they were given ten days to prove their faith in God to unbelievers. And when the time of examination came upon them, their examiners found them "ten times better" than all the others who had followed the world's ways.

We are told that "their faces appeared fairer and fatter in flesh than all the children which did eat the portion of the king's meat." The Message puts it this way, "At the end of the ten days they looked better and more robust than all the others who had been eating from the royal menu."

What would your life look like if you gave God ten days to ready you for an examination? Would you pass it? Of course you would!

So, why not start today and follow the leading of God in your life for the next ten days. Then, in ten days when you are faced with a challenge which perhaps in the past has bested you -- this time you will come through looking better and more robust than ever.

In fact, it will be said of you by your examiners that you are in fact "ten times better" than you were before!

Yep. That's what God can do in ten days.


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