Thursday, September 17, 2009

Have You Taken a Token?

“Show me a token for good, that those who hate me may see and be ashamed, O Lord, because You have helped me and comforted me” (Psa 86:17).

Someone wrote, “Be kind to people, for in some way everyone you meet is fighting some great battle.” They may never show it -- but still the burden is there.

I know a man with the weight of the world crushing his spirit; all familiar comforts fail to ease the great discomfort he feels in his soul; he lives each day tight-chested and short of breath; tired of eye and weary of hoping; still waiting for the Lord to come through and fulfill the promise of His Word -- such a fellow as this could do with a token for good. Just one token will do.

Perhaps you also are such a man, or woman. The career job you thought was yours for the duration has ended; the sense of purpose has gone, and your days ebb slowly from one to the next with petty and indifferent things -- and all the while you look for that one bright moment that signals a better day; a turn that changes everything and lifts your heart back to the high ground of passion and a sense of self-worth.

Yes, just one token will do; that’s all it takes. And God is just the One to give it to you. He is, after all, “the God of all comfort” – and He will not fail to comfort you.

Joseph, Jeremiah, Paul -- these three great champions of faith each endured long years of feeling lost and forsaken, yet still they held tightly to a hope that the world can neither give, nor take away. Joseph rose in Egypt to historical greatness, Jeremiah was proven true by God and is to this day beloved my millions, and Paul conquered Rome while writing letters from a prison cell.

Don't give in to dark feelings of doubt and dismay, my friend, and no matter what do not give up. Your days are not over; there is yet much for you to see and do in God's unfolding plan.

All things work together for good, even if you can't see it right now. The day will surely come when you stand once again to proclaim the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

Take a Token….the Lord has spoken!


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